“Dear Kara” Workout

Kara and I are now working in different locations.  We now go to different gyms.  I am so sad about it, but I need to get the eff back on track!!  So maybe getting back into this blog will help me (us?) to stay motivated.  We can share our workouts, complain about muscle soreness (it’s really gloating in disguise), and share recipes.  Is this is a love letter to my favorite workout buddy?  Maybe.

Dear Kara,  

Here is the workout I have planned today.  I’m feeling out of shape.  Jaione asked to join me, too, and I know she’s afraid of me.  😉  So I’m keeping it simple (did you like how I blamed her for my apprehension?).  But I think this will still be relatively challenging.  I look forward to upping my game over the next few weeks.  Share your workouts with me too!!!

Circuit 1

  • deadlift with bent-over row, 20-lb kettlebell  (x15)
  • pushups (x15)
  • side-to-side squats with 20-lb kettlebell (x15 each direction)
  • oblique V-ups (x15 each side)

Circuit 2

  • TRX Skull crushers (x15)
  • TRX abdominal pikes (x15)
  • 2 minutes on the stairclimber
  • Alternating lunges with bicep curls, 10-lb dumbells (x10 each side)

I hope this hurts this weekend.  I am also hoping to get out for a short jog with my HUSBAND (!!!) on Saturday or Sunday.  Feel free to text me to call me out on this promise.  Miss you!