To Amanda, With Love. 11/4/14 Workout.

Dear Amanda,

I love this idea.  Quick Kara workout recap:

Saturday 11/1/14.  This workoutThank you for posting this!  It was the motivation I needed to get up off the couch to workout without having to think about making a workout.  I performed it at home though without the TRX, so for me the second circuit looked like:

  • Tricep Overhead Press w 10lb (x15)
  • Pikes on ab ball (x15)
  • step ups on coffee table for 2 minutes
  • Alternating lunges with bicep curls, 10-lb dumbells (x10 each side)

Sunday 11/2/14

  • 30 minutes of Elliptical
  • Random Arm workout – chest presses, tricep pull downs, back rows, lat pull downs, pull ups, etc. (it was made up on the spot, so I don’t remember it all :/)

Tuesday 11/4/14

  • Spin Class! 60 minute of biking.  Sweaty selfie next time.  Promise.
  • Random Arm Moves, just the one time through:
    • 15 chest presses
    • 15 shoulder presses
    • 15 back rows
    • 15 lat pull downs
    • 15 tricep pull downs

Hugs!  Kara.

p.s. Like the new background?


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