Full Body Day, 11/20/2014

I’m on my own today.  No workout buddies.

My sister sent me what looks like a completely ridiculous Leg Day to try.  So I’m saving that for Monday — I’m not sure I would really do it justice alone, so I’ll wait until I’ve got a buddy.  It looks tough.  I’m pretty sure J is going to hate me.  Kara, you will love it.  It’s brutal.

For now, here’s my plan for tonight.

1-min Backsquat AMRAP, 55 lbs

Circuit 1 (repeat 3x)

  • Forward lunge to overhead press, small bar with maybe 10 extra pounds on it (x10 each side)
  • Sit-ups on a decline bench (x15)
  • Jumping Pull-ups (x5-10): starting from the ground or a step, if needed, just jump to the bar and try like hell to pull up.  Stuggling is kind of the point.
  • Squat + calf raise on machine (two 45lb plates, x15):  do the squat like normal, but at the end of each one, go straight into a calf raise

Circuit 2 (repeat 3x)

  • mountain climbers on bosu ball, 45 seconds
  • bike HIIT: you know the drill.  30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds recovery for 3 minutes.
  • TRX skull crushers (x15):  these are so effective, and I’m so glad you showed them to me!
  • Turkish Get-ups (x5 each side): with 20-lb KB, certainly not as heavy as the lady in the video below — holy shit, half her body weight.  And I know you hate these.  It’s because they’re hard.  😉

So guess what?  I went on a run yesterday with Brian.  We ran just 1.5 miles, but it was one of the easiest runs of my life.  It’s seeming more and more likely that I’ve had small clots in my lungs for most of my life… and only after fixing that can I really feel what it’s like to BREATHE normally.  I am so happy I’ve figured that out!!  I’m hoping my capacity increases, too.  I’d love to have better numbers on my race times.  Here’s hopin’!

Hope you’re having a good week Kara!  See you Saturday. =)



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