Man, yesterday was such a cluster-eff at the gym.  I had already set up my bar for the squat AMRAP, and went to grab a step (I use it to make sure I’m getting low enough to touch my butt).  I was gone for one minute, max.  I got back, and my bar was being unloaded by a guy.  Nope.  nopenopenope.  I said “hang on, I had that set up, and I only need it for one set.  It’s all yours, after?”  He was very kind actually, so it was ok.  Then I was trying to rush setting that back up to get out of his way as quickly as possible.  I felt the pressure of him waiting, and another guy was watching me (why?  stop staring.).  I was stressed.  I was irritated too, because my heartrate was up, from quickly setting up, and I thought it would hurt my performance for the AMRAP.  And I didn’t want to take a break to catch my breath, because again, people were waiting.  AGH.


In my haste, I had put 65 lbs on the bar, instead of 55 as planned.  I started my one-minute set, and was thinking “ummmm, something’s up, here.”  Realized what I’d done.  WHATEVER, just squat it.  So I did.  I pushed out 16 reps in one minute at 65 pounds.

OK.  Fine.  I mean, I’m building muscle.  I’ll just tell myself this will improve my performance the next time I try 55 lbs. Right.

I did the first circuit.  I did the jumping pull-ups for the first round, but then switched to pullups with the elastic band around my knee.  I could squeeze out 3 or 4 at a time that way.   It was ok.

The squat machine seemed hard yesterday.  Really heavy.  I mean, that’s ok too.  Why do I just feel lame about the workout?

And in the end, I didn’t even get through the second circuit, because the gym closed.  I was working out for 45 minutes, and I didn’t get to the 2nd circuit? That is really weird.  I designed it poorly, I suppose.

One thing I will tell you is that I am pretty sore.  I don’t know if it’s from running or from squats, but I think it’s from squats.  I’m glad I’m sore at least.  Got some work done.

Another thing I will tell you is that Turkish Get-ups with a 20-lb KB is way too heavy for me.  I did a round at that weight, and it was very hard.  If I’d had a chance to do another round, I’d have gone down to 15 for sure.

Anyway, just wanted to keep it real.

Check out this pinterest board of AMRAP routines!  Good place to pull a quick workout.


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