Full Body Day, 12/1/2014

Here’s what we did this monday!  This was a good workout — took about an hour, had good cardio throughout, and I’m still sore on the second day.  =)

Circuit 1 (repeat 3x)

  • Bosu Ball, get-down-get-ups (x15) – squat down and then lay on round side of bosu ball, and keep your feet slightly lifted off the ground, to keep your abs in action.  Come back up, using a squat, and go ahead and put a little hop in there at the top.
  • Bike HIIT: 30 second sprint (standing), 30 seconds sitting (repeat three times — takes 3 minutes)
  • Side to side bench hops (x30)
  • KB deadlift (x15), 40 lbs
Side to Side bench hops (source)

Back Squat AMRAP

1 minute at 55 pounds.  I made it to 27.

Circuit 2 (repeat 3x)

  • TRX jackknives (x20) with your feet hooked into the TRX loops, bring your knees in diagonally toward one elbow, so you’re hitting obliques. Alternate sides.
  • Walking lunges with overhead press (x20).  We did this in the hallway.  Do an overhead press after each lunge.  We used two 10-lb dumbbells.
  • Plie squats with upright row (x15) – 15lb KB.  This was too light.  I admit it.
  • Tricep dips on bench (x15)  This is also getting too easy I think.  Next time, I’ll put my feet up on a bench across from me.  =)

And now… I still need to plan today’s and Friday’s workouts!!!  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with it!  But I know you wanted to see these, so I decided to just get ’em out, even if they’re kinda sloppy.  Hope you enjoy!!



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