Upper Body Day, 12/3/2014

Lots of posting today!  Here’s the workout I have planned for tonight.  It’s difficult to plan for three ladies, particularly when the gym has been so crowded, but hopefully we can stay out of each other’s way.   I tried to choose moves that can be done in a number of areas at the gym.   Also tried to get a lot of cardio in.  I’m really trying to save my legs for Friday’s workout with The KareBear.

Circuit 1 (repeat 3x)

  • Bicycle Abs on a Bosu Ball (x50)
  • 90 seconds on the rowing machine
  • Static Lunge with bicep curls (x10 each leg):  do all of the 10 bicep curls while sunk in a static right leg lunge.  Then switch sides and do 10 more of the bicep curls.
  • KB push press (x10 each side)
KB push press (source)

Circuit 2 (repeat 3x)

  • Dumbbell chest press (x15) with 15-20lb dumbbells.
  • Side plank with single-arm reverse fly (x10 each side), using a 5-lb dumbbell
  • Bosu cable pulls with squat (x15)
  • Jump rope, 1 minute



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