Full Body Day, 12/8/14

I am still a bit sore from all of the workouts last week, but I’m pretty happy about it.  =)  I feel good enough to hit another workout, though, so this is the one I came up with for today.  It’s more cardio-focused and less heavy-weight-focused, just to give my muscles another day to recover.   Maybe we can rock the upper body day my sister sent me… on Wednesday?

Circuit 1 (repeat 3x)

  • burpees (x15)
  • squat machine: squats (x15) and calf presses (x15)
  • body ball crunches (x15)
  • tricep dips (x15), this time with feet on a bench or body ball too.  Because you can.
Body Ball Crunch (from the awesome blog Power Sculpt Fitness)
Tricep Dips (source)

Circuit 2 (repeat 3x)

  • Assisted pullups (x15)
  • Box step-ups (x15)
  • Hip adduction machine (x15 + 10 second hold at the end of each set)
  • Bear crawl, up and down the hallway. Keep your butt down!
Bear Crawl (source) – Keep that bootie down.

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