Yesterday’s quick, one-person workout

This is definitely somewhat of a “token” workout.  I almost talked myself out of going to the gym yesterday, but I knew I needed it.  I’ll hit the gym today too, with buddies.  Since I was alone, I focused on some moves that might not be safe for the buddies I am working out with these days.  Hence the overhead squats, heavy deadlifts, and KB swings.  I’m sore today, but not horrible. =)

Circuit One (repeat 3x)

  • Bike HIIT (30 secs on, 30 seconds off) for 3 minutes
  • 10 Overhead Squats, just the bar
  • 10 Barbell Deadlifts (65lbs on first set, then 75 pounds on set 2 and 3)
  • 10 assisted pullups with no breaks between reps

Circuit 2 (repeat 3x)

  • 2 minutes on Stairmaster
  • 30 oblique crunches with leg lift; that’s 30 each side.
  • 15 KB swings, 25 lbs
  • 15 KB sumo squats + upright rows, 20 lbs

In other news, I’ve recently been considering trying out the Strong Lifts 5×5 program.  It’s simple, and probably yields great results.  But I suppose my main concerns are:

  1. I need to have a cage and bar to myself for 45 minutes.
  2. It’s the same exercises all the time — will I get bored?
  3. I don’t really have buddies I can do this with.  And buddies drastically increase my commitment level. Hm.

But still, I’m considering it.  Hm, hm, hmmmmm.



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