Leg Day. Kara-Style.

Bonjour Amanda!

Here’s my workout from yesterday.  One big circuit repeated 2 time through.  Took me ~30 minutes to do.  I finished with some arms.  As an fyi, the only workout gear I have here are 10lb weights, a TRX, a jump rope and a yoga block.  Therefore most of my workouts will only use 10lbs 😛

Fear not, I plan to get heavier weights.

The workout:

  • Side lunges w/ weights.  x10 each side. Bent leg thats sitting back -> on the yoga block
  • Standing leg lifts. (pic) x40 ea leg.
  • Pendulum lunges. x10 each side with weights.
  • Butt bridge with weights nestled on each leg.  x40
  • One legged lunges. My back leg in the TRX. x10 each leg
  • Reverse lunge with knee raise. Stationary leg on yoga block. With weight.  x10 each leg
  • More butt bridges.  x20 full range with 20 pulses.
  • Overhead kbell swing. x20. I used one weight and switched arms at the top.
  • Standing leg lifts. x40 each side.


I did the split lunges with the TRX initially with the weights, but my form was crap.  The second time through I used no weights and focused on going down the whole way and driving though my heel on the way up.  Totes the right move 😉

10lbs for the bell swing was way too light.  Perhaps obvious to you, but hey, thats all the weight I had.


  • 20 bicep curls
  • 20 tricep press
  • 20 back rows
  • 20 reverse flys
  • 10 lat side raise on each side
  • 5 serious attempts to get into crow pose.

Finally, on a personal note, as I type this up I’m listening to a college band play random French songs out my window right.  In some ways this just sums up my view on life right now:

Well.  This isn’t really what I anticipated.  But it’s enjoyable.  So I’ll enjoy it


Hugs.  Kara.



2/8/2016, Mostly Legs + J’s Ab Moves

Yesterday “J” said she had some new ab moves to try out.  They were pretty fun, and challenging!  Check them out in the two circuits below.  The whole workout took about 45 minutes.

Did you miss my little pony-tail stick-girl?  Yeah, you did.

Circuit 1 (repeat 4 times)

  • reverse lunge off of bench+3 levels, holding two 10-lb dumbbells (x 1o each leg)
    • (this was probably too light.  Next time, 15 lbs)
  • pushups (x15)
  • butt bridge with feet on medicine ball (x15)
  • Body ball + Bosu Tucks (x15)
Body ball+ Bosu tucks

Circuit 2 (repeat 4 times)

  • Plie squats (x15) + 15 second hold with calves raised at the bottom of the squat. Use two 10-lb dumbbells. –> this was too light.  Should have done 15 lbs.
  • Single-leg deadlifts with 30+ lb KB (x10 each leg)
  • Upright rows with a bar + two 2.5-lb plates (x15)
  • Split V-ups over bench (x15)
Split V-ups Over Bench

Legs & Butt Quickie, 2/3/2016

Circuit One (repeat 3 times)

  • Walking lunges, with 15-lb dumbbells (x20, alternating)
  • T-bar row (x15)
  • Hip adductor machine — that’s the squeeze, not the outward push (x15 + 10 second hold)


Circuit Two (repeat 3 times)

  • Squat + overhead press with 15-lb dumbbells (x15)
  • Abdominal cable pulls (x15)
  • Lateral shoulder raises with 10-lb dumbbells (x15)
  • burpees (x10)



Bootie Burner or “Orion’s Torture Sequence”

45 seconds each, with 15 seconds rest between. Total of 8 minutes.

All of these are done in a position on your hands and knees.

  • leg lifts, right leg
  • leg lefts, left leg
  • leg forward circles, right
  • leg forward circles, left
  • leg backward circles, right
  • leg backward circles, left
  • fire hydrant, right
  • fire hydrant, left