Legs & Butt Quickie, 2/3/2016

Circuit One (repeat 3 times)

  • Walking lunges, with 15-lb dumbbells (x20, alternating)
  • T-bar row (x15)
  • Hip adductor machine — that’s the squeeze, not the outward push (x15 + 10 second hold)


Circuit Two (repeat 3 times)

  • Squat + overhead press with 15-lb dumbbells (x15)
  • Abdominal cable pulls (x15)
  • Lateral shoulder raises with 10-lb dumbbells (x15)
  • burpees (x10)



Bootie Burner or “Orion’s Torture Sequence”

45 seconds each, with 15 seconds rest between. Total of 8 minutes.

All of these are done in a position on your hands and knees.

  • leg lifts, right leg
  • leg lefts, left leg
  • leg forward circles, right
  • leg forward circles, left
  • leg backward circles, right
  • leg backward circles, left
  • fire hydrant, right
  • fire hydrant, left

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