2/8/2016, Mostly Legs + J’s Ab Moves

Yesterday “J” said she had some new ab moves to try out.  They were pretty fun, and challenging!  Check them out in the two circuits below.  The whole workout took about 45 minutes.

Did you miss my little pony-tail stick-girl?  Yeah, you did.

Circuit 1 (repeat 4 times)

  • reverse lunge off of bench+3 levels, holding two 10-lb dumbbells (x 1o each leg)
    • (this was probably too light.  Next time, 15 lbs)
  • pushups (x15)
  • butt bridge with feet on medicine ball (x15)
  • Body ball + Bosu Tucks (x15)
Body ball+ Bosu tucks

Circuit 2 (repeat 4 times)

  • Plie squats (x15) + 15 second hold with calves raised at the bottom of the squat. Use two 10-lb dumbbells. –> this was too light.  Should have done 15 lbs.
  • Single-leg deadlifts with 30+ lb KB (x10 each leg)
  • Upright rows with a bar + two 2.5-lb plates (x15)
  • Split V-ups over bench (x15)
Split V-ups Over Bench

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