Leg Day. Kara-Style.

Bonjour Amanda!

Here’s my workout from yesterday.  One big circuit repeated 2 time through.  Took me ~30 minutes to do.  I finished with some arms.  As an fyi, the only workout gear I have here are 10lb weights, a TRX, a jump rope and a yoga block.  Therefore most of my workouts will only use 10lbs 😛

Fear not, I plan to get heavier weights.

The workout:

  • Side lunges w/ weights.  x10 each side. Bent leg thats sitting back -> on the yoga block
  • Standing leg lifts. (pic) x40 ea leg.
  • Pendulum lunges. x10 each side with weights.
  • Butt bridge with weights nestled on each leg.  x40
  • One legged lunges. My back leg in the TRX. x10 each leg
  • Reverse lunge with knee raise. Stationary leg on yoga block. With weight.  x10 each leg
  • More butt bridges.  x20 full range with 20 pulses.
  • Overhead kbell swing. x20. I used one weight and switched arms at the top.
  • Standing leg lifts. x40 each side.


I did the split lunges with the TRX initially with the weights, but my form was crap.  The second time through I used no weights and focused on going down the whole way and driving though my heel on the way up.  Totes the right move 😉

10lbs for the bell swing was way too light.  Perhaps obvious to you, but hey, thats all the weight I had.


  • 20 bicep curls
  • 20 tricep press
  • 20 back rows
  • 20 reverse flys
  • 10 lat side raise on each side
  • 5 serious attempts to get into crow pose.

Finally, on a personal note, as I type this up I’m listening to a college band play random French songs out my window right.  In some ways this just sums up my view on life right now:

Well.  This isn’t really what I anticipated.  But it’s enjoyable.  So I’ll enjoy it


Hugs.  Kara.



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