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Welcome to OneFitTwoFit. This blog is written by Amanda and Kara, who are close friends and workout buddies. Amanda and Kara are both 20-somethings with a passion for working out, nutrition, and living a healthy life. You want to know a little about us and maybe why we are writing a blog? Well, we thought we might like to use a blog as a good way to keep track of our fitness and diet/nutrition progress, as well as the things we learn along the way. We have a few blogs that we love to read, and we thought we might give it a shot too, like everyone else on the planet. Why not? Read on to learn a bit about us, individually…

Hi! I’m Kara.

I’ve been an on again off again workout junkie for most of my life. That is, until I met Amanda. I still remember that fateful day when Amanda said she was going to the gym with the intense workout her sister had given her and I asked if she’d like some company. That look in her eye said, “You sure? This might hurt.” It was easily the most challenging workout I had done in a long time. While I had trouble walking up the stairs the next day with my sore legs, I was immediately hooked and wanted more.

More about me! I’ve started working out to tone up and maintain the weight I have currently. While I don’t eat fast food, I don’t always skimp on dessert either. Therefore working out is my outlet for staying in shape. I love any type of workout that will leave me with that awesome/tired/I-just-rocked-the-shit-out-of-my-body feeling.

In 2011, I trained for and completed a sprint triathlon. While I loved the training, I discovered that being a triathlete is a whole way of life. You don’t work training into your life, your life exists around training. In addition to the time commitment, it also was a bit financially taxing. I’ve decided that being a triathlete isn’t the road I want to journey down, however, the training was a great experience. I learned a ton about nutrition and fitness and I want to continue working out, just at a pace that works with my current lifestyle and allows me to have a life. 😛 This is where Amanda came in…

Hi! I’m Amanda.

I’ve probably got most of the same body concerns as any typical woman my age — always aiming to get that awesome pair of jeans to fit, or preparing for bikini season. I won’t lie; I do all of this mostly for aesthetics. But I also get a lot of empowerment from exercise, and lifting weights, in particular. There’s something gratifying about the look of surprise on someone’s face when they decide to try out one of our circuit-training days, and realize that the workouts they’ve been doing are vanilla-freakin’-cake, compared to the one we just shared. I’m pretty sure Kara enjoys that look of surprise, too.

Is there any reason you should do what I do (or what Kara does)? Not necessarily. I’m not an expert, and neither of us is here to give professional advice. I’ve simply developed a growing interest in fitness over the last few years, and I thought it’d be fun to write about.  I wouldn’t read much more into this blog, if I were you. Am I super-fit? Nope.  I wouldn’t say I’m crazy-fit, but maybe that’s because I have some role models who are either way fitter than I am, or they can kick my ass in their respective athletic endeavors. I would say, however, that I am probably stronger and more into weight-lifting than your average chica. Somewhere between a Zumba-phile and a Crossfitter.  Aiming to get more cross-fitter-y.  Trust me, it’s a word.

That said, I have a lot of growing to do. Most of my fitness goals are inspired by role models in my actual life (not magazine covers), and sometimes the awesome bloggers I keep up with. My sister is, by far, my biggest inspiration — it would be a big fat lie for me to write this blog at all, without mentioning her. She continues to teach me so much about fitness and weight-loss. I was about 20 pounds heavier in 2008, and I trimmed it off just by following her guidance. She’s a great inspiration to me, and always will be.  You may notice that my workout game tends to increase after a recent visit to see her.  I apologize in advance for the muscle brutality.

Anyway, both of us look forward to sharing ideas with the blog world, and hearing your (polite) comments along the way. Both of us would love this whole thing to be a conversation, so feel free to ask questions, give us a tip, or chime in whenever you’d like.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Finally on track eating clean again. I do miss the food I was eating but I love the quick results and everything clean food does to my body inside and out. I went nuts yesterday – rpm class with Sally (545 cal), Zumba with Wendy (605 cal) then afternoon tennis lesson (650 cal) WHEW! Why – because I could! Then tennis “for fun” in the early evening with Arian’e dad – he kicked my ass and had me running all over the court! Back to one workout with Lisa this morning – of course its leg day……it will be hard to sit tomorrow morning! Happy to your blog (btw – its the second one I have read….EVER!)

    • Holy crap, Ang. That is an insane day of cardio! you probably burned like 3000 calories in one day! You have to share your leg/upper body days with me, so I can shake up our workouts some more.


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